Design and evaluation of a gamified e-learning system for statistics learning activities

Author: Rhea Mae Almedilla :


Researchers in statistics learning have made an effort to develop technological solutions to support students in this field. However, such solutions must involve and engage students to perform learning activities to develop their statistical thinking. In this scenario, this study proposes the design of a gamified e-learning system to involve students when they perform learning activities. We analyze students’ behavior towards statistics activities when using the environment. To achieve these goals, this project focuses on a gamified structure for the development of learning activities with a reward system. The learning activities are based on question and answers developed by teachers to measure the students’ understanding of different course contents and also provide them with a problem-based approach. The project was applied in a Probability and Statistics course during 30 days. The results suggest a positive outcome mostly because the designed gamification elements achieved their desired role inside the environment