A Study on Gamification for Higher Education Students Engagement

August 15, 2021

Keywords: Gamification, Education, Student
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An evolution of teaching and learning experience in higher education witnesses many techniques being introduced towards student-centered learning. One of the most popular techniques is game-based learning or known as gamification to enrich students experience in classroom. However, the awareness among educators is lacking and the anxiety whether gamification benefits the learning process is prominent. This paper is written to provide an insight into gamification and its ability to instill students’ engagement. The questionnaire set and model to evaluate the students’ engagement following gamification during teaching and learning process are
also studied and presented. Literature review method is used to investigate the relevant subjects related to the gamification for higher education and ways to evaluate its effectiveness. This study showed that there exist several studies on students’ engagement and gamification which are deemed useful to promote students’ engagement. Besides, the study discovered that improved Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is a good measure to investigate its effectiveness.


FULL MANUSCRIPT : A Study on Gamification for Higher Education Students Engagement

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Author: Mark Obnimaga, Roel Gutiera
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